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13 Aug

Enabling compatibility mode is highly recommended by plugin developer (in the install tab) and even though it may slightly reduce performance, problems are much less likely to exist with your site.

This tutorial is current with the latest W3 Total Cache version updated Jan. Even this post has a 2.7s load time in GTmetrix and it has tons of images with 300 comments.

If you want these kind of reports, also use WP Disable to deactivate unnecessary settings in Word Press, Imagify for lossless image compression, and fast hosting (#1 factor in the Word Press Optimization Guide).

Slow hosting can be checked by running your site through Page Speed Insights to see if reduce server response time is in your report (screenshot). Upload under Performance → General Settings → Import / Export Settings.

Check your site to make sure everything is OK (should be). This is recommended in the official Word Press optimization guide…Here is how Google Page Speed Insights look in your W3 Total Cache “dashboard” tab once you’ve added an API (instructions provided in W3 Total Cache).

Head over to W3 Total Cache and navigate to the General Settings tab, scroll down and enable Max CDN (remember when you’re using a CDN, database cache should be disabled):8. You’ll need to enter your alias key secret and CDN URL (from step 6), then use the test button to make sure Max CDN is working…Here’s where you enter your Max CDN info in the “CDN” tab…9.

Save changes, then go back to Max CDN and Whitelist your hosting IP (W3 Total Cache should have a notification with that IP address). Finally, view pull zones in Max CDN and go to Manage → Settings.

Once purchased, it should say “the plugin is enabled in community mode.” Alternatively, your license key will be sent to you via email which you can enter in the General Settings tab. In the W3 Total Cache ‘Extensions’ tab, activate Cloude Flare and click the settings: Configure these Cloudflare settings: Caching Levels – I use the aggressive caching level which includes query strings.

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