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11 Mar

" And if anyone deigned to point out that that wasn't really the best choice of words, the Americans just rolled their eyes and said "Britain, England, Scotland --- what the heck is the big freakin difference?

To Patricia...time I checked this song was released to raise awareness of the problems in Africa.

If you knew anything you'd know that Bono was unhappy with that line, and tried to change it at first, due to the possible interpretation that the singer is thanking God for inflicting misery on other people, rather than on them. What these others are saying is that you can say whatever you want (no matter how incorrect) and as long as it makes money for charity you're justified(?

Bob Geldof had deliberately put that line in, however, and the two friends fought over it - Bob obviously winning. ) What do you want to bet, at the taping of this, there was a huge buffet table for the singers? People like you, patricia, are the reason there are people still starving.

Later, Bono admitted that it is a painful truth that, while we can feel sympathy and guilt about the plight of others, we're still not prepared to take their place. And it says a lot about why the rest of the world has a bad opinion of america when you say things like "Don't these UK stars realize that the whole world doesn't celebrate Christmas? I'm confused, Here, I just read that Adam Clayton of U2 played bass on this song. i bet there were heaps more like you who thought the song was stupid and didnt buy it, making a huge dint in the amount of money that could have been raised. I know it was aimed at the "younger" generation, but i'm 16, and seeing people thrusting into their guitars and rapping so you cant understand it ruined the christmas spirit.

It's interesting though, because it is by far the most powerful line in the song, and you'd have to be an idiot to misinterpret it (especially in the context of this song).I agree some of the characterizations of Africa are somewhat simplistic and inaccurate (the "nothing every grows" part) and I wonder why Geldof wrote it that way, but the bottom line is that it calls attention to suffering at a time of year when people are most thankful for the fact that they are NOT suffering.Put simply there wasn't any roads to transport the aid.Alright maybe Patricia is a bit too technical in some of her objections, but the truth is that most, if not all, famines since the early to mid-20th century were man made and Ethiopia's was the worst example of it.