My brother is dating a black girl

01 May

I simply love the white race the way you love the Chinese race.or the multi rapid-phasic schizophrenic chameleon god of troll genocidal maniac, psycho-sociopaths, who advocates race mixing? There is nothing wrong with two people of different of racial backgrounds marrying each other and having children.It's not going to weaken the bloodline and your race isn't going to go exinct.YOU ARE READING Teen Fiction My brother was important I guess you could say. He was perfect, he had the money, the looks, and the charm. *** Next morning***I woke up and went to the bath room to get ready for school.I took a shower and put on black ripped jeans and a crop top that said "Mean people suck" with black combat boots.

I am Northern Chinese and in my family all of us are quite tall with fair skin. I like our yellow skin, I like our slanted eyes, I like our straight black hair, I like our culture, I like our sense of family and tradition, I like how we are good at business, I like how we work together, I like how we tend to think before acting, I like almost everything about being Chinese.

It is only now that my own brother is about to marry an African girl that I finally EMOTIONALLY understand what it FEELS like to you guys when you talk about destroying the white race.

You need to accept your brothers decision on who he wants to love because in the end, he's going to do what you may not like, so you might as well get over it and get use to it. I don't believe for a second that Butterball is Asian.

Just a final thought forget your toatal lack of rational foresight and instead remember your infinitely shallow love and the love of baby jesus, when blacks subvert, destroy and gang rape everything you cherish and wish to preserve, and just keep telling yourself because in the end, they are going to do what you may not like, so you might as well get over it and get use to it I highly even doubt that the original poster is Chinese. Because for every 1 genuine person who comes here looking for an honest debate or to better understand us theres tonnes of idiots and trolls, often White, late teens to early 20's who make up BS posts and watch "the Nazis" come out to shout them down before going back to their own sad little groups urging their pals to come "troll the Nazis" with them.

He was standing in front of me with his hand on my ass.

I bit my lip and stood on my tippy toes and whispered in his ear, " I'm on my period".